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By the Tide of the Moon

“By the Tide of the Moon” — commissioned by Andrew Tutuice for the Flinders Quartet, premiered on 17th Nov 2023, Melbourne Vic.



Program Note

For Aida, and her beautiful kinship with the Ocean.

I have always been fascinated by that moment at the start of a concert
- when the orchestra—individuals who pick up their instrument
and become one with it—begin to tune and pander to match
each other. It's aleatoric, it's random, but it is beautifully so. It's the start
of the small parts of a whole, coming together, forming
a collective organism, that when the time comes to begin to play a work, they
are now moving as one. From person, to person and instrument, to person and
instrument and section, to person and instrument and section and orchestra -
we as an audience are privvy to this luscious life cycle of the physicality of the music.

Much like the orchestra coming together, the ocean does the same. She is broken
and insubtantial at the shore, but vast, profound and powerful at her core.


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