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The End

“The End” 2019 for string quartet, premiered by the Flinders Quartet, winner of a place in the Flinders Quartet Composition Competition, and winner of the Flinders Quartet ‘All That We Are’ residency 2020, premiered at Docklands Melbourne, 2019



Program Note

This piece was originally inspired by the poignant, nostalgic ache I felt upon the realisation
of reaching the end of a life-changing journey that was the
National Women Composer’s Development Program with 3 incredibly talented, kind,
vivacious and fierce women that I am only so lucky to know.
To Ella Macens, Elizabeth Younan and Clare Johnston— thank you for being
my inspirations, a source of drive, my rocks and my therapists for those 2 years.
It felt like a lifetime, may it be a lifetime more of flourishing side by side.
Also to Michael Smetanin my maestro, who mentored me through those years and constantly
pushed for better, for the weird & wonderful ways in which you see potential in my art,
the wine, the laughs, the tears and the triumphs—I will never cease to learn from you.
A big thank you also to my latest Doctoral mentor Matthew Hindson who guided
me through this piece, if it weren’t for your last minute e-mails
and insightful tips it would be nothing like it is today!


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