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Sydney Dreaming

Commissioned by the Omega Ensemble CoLAB program, premiered 9th November 2023 Sydney Opera House Utzon Room, premiered by Omega Ensemble. Piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet.



Program Note

I have a contemporary background, and as the first in my family to have the
privilege of seriously studying Classical Music - I have really diverse musical taste.

Piano and voice are my instruments - I'm Classically trained on piano,
but a contemporary singer.

I studied a PhD focusing on music and emotions - namely how composers
can make someone feel specific things using pointed compositional techniques.
One of them was Rhythmic Unity - the entrainment of a listener's heartbeat
to a prominence of rhythm within a song. You can then raise/lower the listener's
pulse and arouse or calm.

Rhythmic Unity just gets me. I never feel music more, than when I feel moved
by an incredibly rhythmically juicy song, and this piece was
where I chose to explore pushing it in a way I haven't before.

The work utilises lots of cross-rhythms, metric modulations, and in jargon-free language,
'messes' with the beat. It explores some Indie Folk rhythms I've loved for a long time
(and never felt could give to an ensemble until I met Omega!).
Can you keep hold of the pulse? It's evasive.

It's been a dream of mine to be played at the Opera House for the duration of my
career so far, and so through leaning into writing more lyrical music like I used to
(and what my background inspires), I painted a picture of what it feels like
to dream an artist's dream in Sydney, and for that dream to come true.

I hope you enjoy it.
Nat xx


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