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Orpheus' Descent

“Orpheus’ Descent” — for Alex Raineri on solo piano, at Brisbane Festival, premiered 16th December 2022



Program Note

The tale of Orpheus in Greek mythology, is told in three parts: his life on Earth with
his lover Eurydice, her death and his descent into hell to retrieve her,
and their ascent back to Earth where she is lost forever.

This piece depicts the second part: descent. In this chapter, Orpheus descends
into hell with the protection of the Gods and his famous lyre. He encounters the
tragic, lost souls on his way, and soon meets Cerberus, a three-headed dog
whom he wins over with his lyre song. Cerberus accompanies Orpheus
to find Hades, to bargain with him for his wife's life.

Hence, this work is in four distinctive sections:
I. The God's Protection & the Lyre
II. Souls
III. Cerberus
IV. Orpheus Plays His Lyre with Ceberus, to Bargain with Hades


Please contact me to listen to this work.

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